Home Remedies for Gas Pain and Acidity

Home Remedies for Gas Pain and Acidity

Here are some Home Remedies For Gas pain We all wish we knew how to get rid of gas immediately—it would help us avoid embarrassment. Gas pains are a very common problem and affect all of us at some point, with others having this problem on a daily basis. Gas pains are often accompanied by uncomfortable bowel sounds emanating from the intestinal tract that often makes us think we need to find a bathroom right away or need to covertly pass some gas without anyone noticing.

Home Remedies For Gas Pain
Home Remedies For Gas Pain


Intestinal gas builds up in the digestive tract of every human being. Gas is just one of the products of food being broken down and digested, often leading to burping, belching, and flatulence. Having gas is usually not a point of concern for most people, but can be an indication of other bowel health issues.

How to get rid of gas immediately and naturally

Hot water

Drinking warm to hot water can be a quick way to help get rid of gas immediately. The warm water may help to help soothe the digestive tract, getting rid of stomach pains.


While eating yogurt can have many beneficial effects when consumed on a regular basis, eating it as a remedy for immediate gas pain is one of its best uses. Containing several pro-biotic elements, yogurt can be an effective cure for relieving gas pain.


This root vegetable is known for harboring a bounty of different health-promoting effects, and by chewing raw ginger, you can help relieve gas pain as well. It is thought that ginger’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help provide this effect. If eating ginger is not desired, drinking it as a tea will have a similar effect.

Lemon juice

Containing citric acid, lemon juice can be a great choice for getting rid of gas instantly. It is thought that this property helps to breakdown intestinal gas. You can drink a small glass of lemon juice mixed with some water to get the desired effect.

Deep breaths

A great way to help decrease anxiety, taking deep breaths has also proven to ease stomach pain as well, but only if practiced on a regular basis. Knowing that intestinal gas is in part due swallowed air, learning how to control this basic physiological function as well as using it to your advantage can help you reduce gas instantly.


A common mint given after meals, peppermint is known for helping to settle the stomach and relieve gas quickly. Those suffering from chronic gas related issues may also find that peppermint can reduce symptoms during all times of the day.


While these drugs should be taken under the guidance of a trained medical professional, antibiotics can be an effective treatment option in cases of uncontrollable and unbearable gas pains. Antibiotics can clear out gas-producing bacteria found in the gut, but can also clear out healthy bacteria needed to keep the gut working properly. Antibiotics used for the treatment of gas pains should be taken with extreme caution.

Pass wind

The simplest solution for treating gas pains, but often the one most of us try to avoid. Passing gas is a natural bodily occurrence, but one that is often shunned by society. It is best to find a place where you are alone and then pass your gas when nobody is looking.

Move your body

Participating in regular exercise help to move the muscles of the abdomen and subsequently the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. Exercise is a great way to help your body relieve gas faster and more quickly, helping to reduce pain that is often associated with it. Exercise can simply be walking or a light jog which can be nearly anywhere. Yoga is another type of exercise that can help relieve gas quickly and effectively.


An over the counter medication that goes under many different brand names such as Gas-X, Mylanta Gas, and Phazyme. It works by consolidating gas bubbles in the stomach, helping you expel them easily. It is advised to discuss the use of this type of medication with your doctor before incorporating them into your treatment plan.

Activated charcoal

A common emergency treatment used to prevent drug overdose, activated charcoal can also be found in tablet form in your local pharmacy. Taking them right before and one hour after meals can effectively reduce gas buildup.

Black pepper

A food having historical roots stemming from ancient India, black pepper can be a great choice for the treatment of acidity and indigestion. The properties of black pepper helps in increasing stomach acid which can help with digestion. To effectively treat gastric irritation, take powdered black pepper with jaggery. Black pepper can also be used in combination with buttermilk for synergistic effects.

Caraway seeds

Also known as Kala jeera, this seed can be made into a tat to help with the healing of gastric disorders. This can be done by adding one teaspoon of caraway seeds to one cup of boiling water, letting it steep for a few minutes, then drinking it. caraway seed eat is best consumed before lunch or dinner.


Helps to heal gastric problems as well as keeping the gastrointestinal track fit and healthy. Freshly churned buttermilk is one of the best remedies for curing indigestion.


Eating a few raw pieces can help relieve gas pain almost immediately. While the taste of cloves may be too pungent for some, clove oil may be a suitable alternative. Clovers are great for relieving bloating and gas pain in the stomach.

Apple cider vinegar

Can help soothe an upset stomach. It is best consumed after mixing with a warm glass of water.


A commonly used spice in many dishes, cardamom can be easily incorporated while cooking vegetables or rice. You can even chew raw cardamom pods 2-3 times a day to help relieve gassy issues. Drinking it as part of a tea may also be beneficial. To do this prepare fresh ginger, a few cardamom pods, and a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Let the mixture steep, then drink as many times a day as desired.

Lemon and baking soda

The combination of these two ingredients provides relief from gas pain. It is advised to stir in baking soda until fully dissolved before drinking.


Having a bounty of medical applications, cinnamon can also help relieve gas pain. Start by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm milk, then add some honey. Now stir and drink. You can also make a cinnamon tea to help relieve gastric troubles.

Coconut water

A great source of electrolytes including protein, coconut water can provide relief for gas pain as well. You can drink coconut water on a regular basis to help reap its beneficial effects.

Celery leaves

Chewing on this vegetable stock raw can help relieve gastric pain and irritation.


The extracted juice from an onion can give you relief from gastric problems.


Packed with natural properties that help promote digestion, this food can help prevent the formation of gas in the stomach, therefore reducing the formation of gas pain.

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Other ways to get rid of gas

Sometimes your gas pain may be too extreme to wait for a natural method. Thankfully, relieving gas pain has never been easier as there are different remedies on the market that can be purchased quite easily.

Antacids have become one of the most common medications used in North America for relieving indigestion. They work by neutralizing stomach acid.

Other tips include eating slowly to prevent the swallowing of air and exercising twice a day to help keep your internal organs performing adequately. It is also recommended to avoid the consumption of carbonated beverages and food known to cause stomach upset


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