11 Best Home Remedies For Fever Quick Relief

Home Remedies For Fever
Home Remedies For Fever

11 Best Home Remedies For Fever Quick Relief


Fever can never be a good feeling for anyone and there is no one in this world who have never suffered from fever. The basic symptoms of the fever are soaring temperatures, headache, muscle ache, loss of appetite, weakness, sweating, dehydration, and a slight shivering. Basically, when the body’s temperature is higher than 98.4 degrees F then it is a sign of fever. In this post of Home Remedies For Fever, we will try to help you to get rid of fever by using some ancient and domestic methods.

Home Remedies For Fever
Home Remedies For Fever


When any pathogenic bacteria or virus attack on you your body then the fever will be a natural response. So this is a very common symptom. While it can happen into some other conditions also like when you are suffering from cold or flu. Fever can happen because of so many reasons like autoimmune disorders, ear infections, inflammatory diseases. Some of the people also feel it when there is a sudden change in the weather and they are having an unhygienic lifestyle. You can get rid of fever also these home remedies. In this post we are going to list all Home Remedies For Fever.


Home Remedies For Fever – 

A warm bath will help to soothe muscle soreness

A person who is suffering from a fever should definitely take a bath in the lukewarm water. After taking a bath will help the body to keep the temperature down. Some people think that if they will take a bath in cold water then the body temperature will instantly get down. Don’t try this because that tactic sends blood rushing to internal organs and your body temperature ill increase except for decreasing. Try to take a sponge bath and provide sponging high-heat areas like your armpits and groin with cool water. It will able to reduce your temperature due to evaporation purpose otherwise you can also place cold and damp washcloths on your forehead or on the back of your neck. This Home Remedies For Fever is really worth to try.


Turmeric is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent

10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric
10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

My next Home Remedies For Fever is Turmeric. Turmeric is being used for making medicine for a long time. It has a lot of herbal properties as it works as an anti-inflammatory agent due to curcumin compound.  Curcumin works as an effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent which will help your body to fight with the fever. You just have to add 2 tsp of turmeric powder to a glass of warm water and consume the water. Or you can also drink this with the water.


Green tea help in fighting infectious agents


It is obvious that Green tea has a lot of health benefits. It consists of the polyphenols and flavonoids which helps you to strengthen the immune system and help in fighting infectious agents. You just have to dip a bag of green tea in half a cup of boiling water. And you can also enjoy with a tsp of honey and lemon. This is one of the most successful Home Remedies For Fever


Grapes are a cooling agent


Grapes are used in making a lot of medicines. What you have to do is to add half teaspoon cumin, half teaspoon fennel and half teaspoon sandalwood powder in r a cup of grape juice. Mix all the ingredients and drink this. While cold grapes provide hydration and a soothing treat to your body.


Night Jasmine has anti-viral properties

All the leaves of the flowering plant have very powerful anti-viral properties. These properties will help you to fight the bacteria and viruses. Just like that Night jasmine is a very effective way to cure the fever. You have to crush 5-8 leaves and extract the juice. Then mix the juice with a tablespoon of the honey and consume the drink. This is very simple and effective Home Remedies For Fever.


Basil leaves have antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

Basil is an effective herb that helps yo bring the temperature down of the body. It is very effective antibiotics also so that these leaves are in great demands for the medicine. The healing properties of basil leaves will help to reduce fever very quickly.

  • For making it useful in the fever you have to take about 20 basil leaves and boil them. 
  • After that add one teaspoon of crushed ginger in the strained tulsi water.
  • Now you have to boil until the solution will come to the half of the quantity.
  • Finally, you have to add a little honey and drink this tea two or three times a day for three days to get relief.


Ginger is the best fever-reducing fever

My next Home Remedies For Fever is Ginger. Ginger is a long-term used medicine ingredient in the Ayurveda. This is the best fever-reducing foods because of the compound ajoene. Ginger is quite useful in the fever during the congestion. This can also be used like tea ingredients like Tulsi. Also, it can be consumed in various forms such as herbal teas, raw juice, and powdered extract.


Apple Cider Vinegar will balance the pH of the body

Apple cider vinegar is quite an efficient home remedy with its alkaline properties which is used to balance the pH of the body and fight the fever. It consists of the minerals so that lost mineral can be fulfilled. This is an old remedy that has been used by ancestors for reducing the fever. And the most interesting thing is people are still using this remedy. There are two methods of using the apple cider vinegar. For the first remedy, you have to mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of water. You have to consume it twice a day.

  • Another method is you have to soak a couple of washcloths in diluted apple cider vinegar in which you have to add 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water.
  • After that, you have to place them on the forehead and stomach.
  • You can also wrap it around the soles of the patient’s feet.


Keep your body hydrated

In the high fever, this is often seen that your body will be dehydrated. You have to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water for the whole day. Try to drink enough of the water so that your urine will be normal. You can also take a sports drink because it can also be helpful. The sports drink will be able to maintain the quantity of fluid as well as minerals also. Few people will also recommend you to take orange juice and other fruit juices because they are rich in vitamin c. Because Vitamin C will help your immune system in fighting off infection. Possibly this Home Remedies For Fever is the father of all remidies so keep yourself hydrated.


Honey has anti-microbial properties

Honey is used to treat various kinds of problems like skin allergy and many more. It has antioxidants and anti-microbial properties that help in reducing the fever. For making it home remedy you have to mix 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Now drink it slowly.


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Garlic will help to decrease body temperature instantly

Garlic is blessed with antibacterial and antiviral properties that help in lowering the body’s temperature during fever. It consists of the Allicin compound that kills the germs in the body and prevents us from the infections.

  • You have to cut 1 garlic clove into the small pieces and add it to half a cup of hot water. Now you can strain and drink it slowly twice a day.
  • Few people take it in a form of tea, by adding one and a half teaspoon of grated ginger to one cup of boiling water. You can also add some honey to flavor it and drink it at least three or four times a day.
  •  Also, you can mix together one and a half teaspoon of ginger juice, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey. You can take this drink two to three times in a day for the best results.

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